The fall protection experts at FallProof have been entrusted with fall protection systems installation for businesses nationwide, including Fortune 500 companies, guardrails and safety netting included. We provide full turnkey design and engineering services, equipment fabrication, consulting services, training, and on-site assessments. Every workplace presents potential safety challenges and risks. We work to prevent those risks from becoming a reality. When you see a bridge, warehouse, steel mill, oil rig, oil refinery, rooftop, manufacturing plant, distribution center, historic building, water tower, aircraft hangar, construction project, conveyor belt, power plant, sports arena, or truck loading dock full of risk, we see safety solutions. Call today to learn about our worker-first philosophy

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Fall Protection Systems

Passive / Collective and Active OSHA and ANSI-Compliant Systems Installation
FallProof specializes in all forms of passive/collective and active fall protection to eliminate hazards and prevent falls, all of which are OSHA and ANSI compliant. They include fall arrest and fall restraint systems, such as davit arms systems, personal protective equipment (PPE) and self-retracting lanyards (SRLs) affixed to anchors, such as vertical or horizontal fixed track, rigid track and cable lifelines, swing arms and jib arms, guardrails, roof hatch covers, skylight fall prevention barriers, debris and personnel safety nets, and hardware, including custom design and engineering and fabrication.

Guardrails and Skylights

Installation of Passive Systems Are OSHA-Preferred
Guardrail systems installation has long been one of FallProof's strengths. We not only provide guardrails, including custom engineered configurations, but skylight railings, screens and covers as well, all of which are critically important and often overlooked types of fall safety. They provide barriers to reduce fall hazards and prevent injuries and death, such as roof hatches and rooftop railings and walkways (e.g., for sloped roofs), and safety gates and railings and access platforms, e.g., on loading docks (OSHA prefers passive or collective systems because special equipment and training are not needed). We also provide rentals.

Safety Netting Solutions

Personnel Fall Safety and Debris Containment Netting
We have installed millions of square feet of personnel fall safety nets and debris containment netting to safeguard employees in elevated work areas of commercial, industrial and construction worksites, and to protect pedestrians and structures below. They prevent construction equipment and tools, chunks of concrete and other materials from projecting outward and arrest flying objects that could cause injury or death. We also provide netting rentals for short-term projects, as well as design and engineering for custom net and hardware fabrication.

Fall Protection Training

Awareness, Competent Person and Equipment Inspection Training
We have a state-of-the-art training facility in Central New Jersey where OSHA-certified classes are held for workers and their supervisors on the topics of Awareness, Competent Person and Equipment Inspection. The training is hands-on with real-world examples of climbing apparatuses that give attendees a first-hand experience of what is expected of them when working at height, including the proper use and operation of equipment, as well as real-life fall arrest demonstrations and training. Attendees will receive a certificate of completion.

Services and Installation

Design, Engineering, Consulting, Inspection, Installation and Training
FallProof’s strengths extend beyond expert fall protection systems installation to design and engineering, such as when a workplace has unique needs, or when equipment is not in inventory or otherwise available. In addition, we provide consulting services to ensure you not only comply with OSHA and ANSI regulations, but so you realize maximum productivity and a reduction of worker injuries and workers compensation claims. Further, we provide equipment inspections and on-site safety assessments to help you manage risks and identify, evaluate and mitigate fall hazards.

Industries and Applications

FallProof Has Diverse Experience In Industries and Applications
Businesses across the country have looked to FallProof to provide their workplaces with turnkey solutions. Their industries span far and wide, from aviation and aircraft hangars to historic buildings and bridges, to manufacturing and distribution, energy, oil and gas and utilities, and sports and entertainment, including arenas and stadiums, as well as transportation and trucking, railroads and mass transit, and the infrastructure that serve them daily. Whatever your industry, we will ensure that your workers are protected at height so you can do what you do best.

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Worker First Philosophy

FallProof believes that protecting your company’s bottom line starts with putting your worker’s first. That is why every workplace safety solution we offer is developed in close collaboration with the people it is designed to protect.

Safety Savings

When you stop thinking of job site safety as an expense, you go beyond simple compliance and fine avoidance to achieve the sort of sustainable, profit-driving return on investment that comes from increased worker confidence and productivity.

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