Vertical Lifeline Systems Can Prevent Needless Injuries and Death

OSHA-Compliant Ladder Cage Vertical Lifeline SystemVertical lifeline systems allow workers to safely climb fixed ladders on buildings, TV antenna or radio transmitter towers, windmills, water towers, and similar structures. Every year, dozens of workers die and thousands suffer injuries in falls from ladders, usually after slipping on rungs that are covered with mud, grease, ice, snow, or rain water. For this reason, the types of lifelines discussed here are a fall arrest protection that prevents needless injuries and deaths.

OSHA Guidelines Are Specific About Lifelines and Ladder Cages

OSHA regulations require that all fixed ladders over 24 feet in height have either a lifeline or a ladder cage attached to them. A ladder cage surrounds the ladder with a series of circular safety hoops and prevents workers from falling backwards; however, they are not designed to prevent or arrest vertical falls. If a worker goes straight down without regaining his grip, he may injure himself or other workers below him on the ladder. Therefore, these lifelines are highly recommended for any permanent structural ladder at your workplace.

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Vertical Fixed Track & Rigid Track Lifelines

Vertical Rigid Fixed-Track Lifeline For Fall Arrest Protection
Vertical fixed track lifelines, or rigid tracks, as they are sometimes referred to, can be used in many applications requiring a worker be tied off as they ascend or descend to a work surface. A fixed or rigid track, such as the one pictured above, attaches directly to the climbing surface or ladder with brackets. The track provides a channel for the trolley, which is then attached to a worker’s front D-ring of their harness. With built-in braking technology, this trolley rides up and down the channel unencumbered, providing the needed fall protection for the worker.

Vertical Cable Lifelines

Vertical Cable Lifeline For Various Ladder-Climbing Applications
Vertical cable lifelines, such as the one pictured, are used to provide fall protection in many ladder-climbing applications. They include roof access ladders, ladders leading to platforms or decks, or vertical access to a machine or elevated work surface. Generally, assembly involves two or more attachment brackets and a galvanized cable with a rope grab that allows the user to climb freely. Should a fall occur, the rope grab prevents the person from falling back to the ground. They provide the distinct advantage of being less expensive and quicker to install than rigid and fixed-track lifelines.

FallProof’s design, engineering, installation and certification of custom-engineered, full-turnkey fall arrest solutions meet or exceed OSHA or ANSI standards. We are authorized distributors and installers for the following manufacturers:

  • Capital Safety/DBI Sala
  • Miller Honeywell Safety Products
  • MSA
  • Rigid Lifelines