We Specialize In Fall Protection Design and Engineering, and Expert Installation

Horizontal Lifelines on Construction ProjectFall protection design and engineering, and installation and custom fabrication, are what we specialize in, for historic buildings, manufacturing, construction, energy and utilities, and sports and entertainment, including arenas and stadiums, as well as distribution centers, aviation, railcars, bridges and infrastructure, etc. OSHA regulations apply to every workplace in the country, regardless of industry, and we meet or exceed their guidelines.

Although there are some variations, such as the six-foot standard for construction and the four-foot standard for general industry, the overriding physics and principles are the same. Accordingly, the fall protection plan and resulting systems that will best protect workers are site specific. Because companies in the same industry tend to have similar facilities, resulting in similar hazards, the safety systems that work well for one company tend to also work well for a competitor.

The Breadth of Our Knowledge and Experience Will Serve You Well

FallProof has experience in many different industries, some of which we have highlighted in the links below. Our twenty-year history combined with our strategic location between New York and Philadelphia has resulted in a tremendous amount of experience in providing safety netting for high-rise construction, bridge and highway infrastructure improvements and historical building renovations. We also have a core competency in manufacturing and distribution plants, corporate and commercial aircraft and general aviation airport facilities, and transportation facilities, such as bus and rail garages.

Because the building stock in the Northeast, being older than many parts of the country, was constructed before fall protection was a recognized concern, we have installed many horizontal lifelines on aging rooftops to allow engineers and contractors safe access for design, repair and replacement projects. On flat rooftops that are structurally sound, the solution has generally been to install a permanent, non-penetrating guardrail system at the edge near HVAC and other equipment, combined with skylight and roof-hatch covers elsewhere.

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Aviation and Aircraft Hangars

Aviation Fall Protection With Fixed Track Lifeline
Private business and corporate aviation facilities, fixed-base operators (FBO’s), airline maintenance and construction facilities, including hangars, and aircraft manufacturers, and airport owners across the country, have benefited from our experience.

Bridges & Infrastructure

Debris Netting on Historical Bridge
We have designed and installed personnel and debris netting systems for historical bridge rehabilitations, including barrier netting and debris nets for repairs of active railroad and highway bridges, and for many other structures. We also provide netting rentals.


Horizontal Perimeter Netting On High-Rise Construction Projects
FallProof was a pioneer in providing horizontal perimeter netting for high-rise construction. We also have served as a specialty subcontractor to design, supply and install both temporary and permanent systems, including guardrails.


Energy and Utilities Industry Fall Hazard Protection
Our services to the energy industry include oil and gas refinery offshore drilling rigs, state and municipal power plants, and chemical refinery fall hazard areas, including cooling towers, tank farms and rail unloading facilities.

Historical Buildings

Debris Netting System on Historical Building Renovation
We have installed netting systems, including retention netting and debris nets, during renovation of historic buildings, such as the United States Supreme Court and the Maryland State House, as well as numerous buildings known only to their owners and users.

Manufacturing and Distribution

Debris Containment Netting in Distribution Warehouse
We provide permanent fall protection and fall arrest systems on the factory floor in distribution warehouse facilities and industrial settings with heavy machinery, such as pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing, along crane runways, on rooftops and conveyor belts, and truck loading and unloading areas.

Sports and Entertainment

Rooftop Sports Netting For School Roof Playground
We design, supply and install rooftop sports netting for school playgrounds on the roof, tennis and golf centers, sports arenas and stadiums, in and around orchestra pits in theaters, and catwalk guardrails in entertainment and related facilities.

Steel Mills

Steel Mill Fall Arrest and Restraint System
In steel mills, we have installed horizontal lifelines along crane runways, jib arms (swing arms) to provide protection in a specific area, and fall arrest and restraint systems on aging rooftops and truck and railcar loading and unloading areas.

Transportation and Trucking

Horizontal Lifelines In Bus and Railroad Maintenance Terminal
In the transportation and trucking industry, bus, railcar and truck maintenance facilities need protection for workers atop vehicles. We install safety netting in both new construction and existing facilities, including gangways and loading docks, as well as indoor, overhead, and permanent and portable fall arrest systems.

Water and Utilities

Guardrails Systems Installation For Water Tower Fall Safety
We have served sewer, water and wastewater treatment facilities that have many confined spaces where davit arms are used for safe entry, including water tanks and towers. We also have provided protection to utility companies so workers on dam faces can safely do their job.

Regardless of Industry, Fall Prevention Equates To Saving Lives

If you do not see your industry listed above, that’s okay!  FallProof has experience in and is capable of customizing industrial safety solutions to suit the exact specifications of your facility’s unique needs, successfully completing installations for many industries beyond the list above. You can see a list of clients we have served . Contact us to learn more and to schedule a free on-site assessment, or safety audit.