Swing Arms and Jib Arms Offer Cost-Effective Fall Arrest Protection

Swing Jib Arm For Fall Arrest Protection For Two UsersSwing arms, or jib arms as they are also called, provide customizable and cost effective fall arrest protection for work areas that are circular or semicircular. These systems contain two distinct parts: a steel-reinforced mast, and a cantilevered arm. A trolley that runs along the arm allows for the point of connection to remain directly above the worker, and provides coverage anywhere within the circular area. This eliminates the possibility of swing falls that can occur with a single point anchor when the worker is anywhere other than directly underneath the anchor point.

Swing Arms Offer Flexibility With Manual or Motorized Control

Swing arms are commonly used in manufacturing and food processing plants where workers need to be protected while performing either daily production activities (such as a welder or working on large pieces of equipment) or maintenance activities (such as tank cleaning in a food or pharmaceutical plant). They can be mounted on a freestanding column or dropped from a mast to provide 360° coverage, but most often they are attached to an existing building column and provide 180° coverage. When not in use they can be moved out of the way of overhead cranes or other obstructions.

The length of the arm span can be up to 30 feet, and movement can be controlled either manually or via motor in larger systems. If greater coverage is needed, a fixed track can be mounted to two or more jib arms to form a foldaway horizontal lifeline. The track used can accommodate either one or two workers; in a two-worker configuration workers can bypass one another and maintain independent movement.

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