Use Custom Engineered Rigid Fixed Track Lifelines For Low Fall Clearance

A Rigid Fixed Track Lifeline Is Best For Fall Arrest Protection

Rigid Overhead Fixed-Track Lifelines For Maintenance Work Above Aircraft In Airplane HangarHorizontal fixed track lifelines, also referred to as rigid track lifelines, are best for fall arrest protection in areas with low fall clearance. These custom-engineered solutions can be installed in a variety of places, such as:

  • On a rooftop, at foot level;
  • On an outside wall, along the edge of a penthouse;
  • Inside a facility for overhead work, such as in an aircraft hangar or bus maintenance facility;
  • As a column-mounted system with swing arms that can swing out of the way when not in use;
  • As an indoor ceiling-mounted traveling bridge that allows for 360° degree movement below; or
  • Mounted over an outdoor work area on a cantilever or gallows frame.

A Rail On A Rigid Fixed Track Allows Both Ease of Movement and Fall Arrest Protection

Rigid Fixed Track Lifelines For Railcar Work, Such As Loading or Unloading, Or When Working Above A Locomotive In A Railroad Maintenance YardAs pictured here, the rail on the rigid track lifeline features a trolley that moves back and forth. The wheels of the trolley are enclosed within the metal channel to protect them from dirt, dust, bird droppings, and snow or ice buildup. With a moving bridge feature, the worker moves back and forth on one axis while the system itself moves back and forth on the other axis.

A self-retracting lifeline (SRL) or lanyard is attached to a D-ring on the trolley. The worker attaches the other end of the SRL or lanyard to his or her safety harness. The trolley then follows the worker’s movement through the work area. The worker is capable of traversing the area without having to disconnect and reconnect, providing 100% tie-off at all times.

Portable Solutions Include Versatile Alternatives

Portable Fixed Track Lifeline Mounted on Steel Frame With Wheels or Movable By Forklift, Offers Versatile Temporary Solution For When Workers Must Clean, Paint or Perform MaintenanceFallProof also offers portable fixed track solutions, where the overhead rail is mounted on a tall steel frame, either on wheels or movable via a forklift. The frame can be moved around a facility and placed over various work areas. For example, in an airplane hangar, it can be moved around and placed over a corporate jet or helicopter that is parked on the floor, or moved outside to the tarmac if necessary. In a public transit facility, it can be placed over a parked bus or light rail train. The worker is able to mount the vehicle to clean, paint or perform maintenance, while being protected from injury or death caused by accidental falls.

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