Horizontal Cable Lifelines Are Versatile and Cost Effective

A Horizontal Cable Lifeline Is Frequently Used For Rooftop Fall Protection

Horizontal Cable Lifeline Installation Atop University Rooftop, Newark, DEHorizontal cable lifelines are a versatile type of fall protection that is cost effective and can be used in many different locations, situations and industries. Lengths can be as short as a few feet, up to hundreds of feet, and the flexible wire rope used allows the fall arrest system to be bent around corners, up and down the pitch of a roof or around equipment. They are frequently used on crane runways, rooftops, dams and other areas with adequate fall clearance.

In these systems, a wire rope, generally containing an energy-absorbing shock absorber, is tensioned between two or more anchor posts. The line is equipped with pass-through brackets and shuttles, allowing the worker to traverse the system without having to disconnect and reconnect, allowing for 100% tie-off at all times. In the event of a fall, the combination of the in-line shock absorber, stretch of the cable, and lanyard or SRL protect the worker by slowing the speed of the stop, thereby minimizing the arresting forces on the body.

Cable Lifelines Are Not Suitable For All Applications

FallProof offers industry-specific, full-turnkey solutions that meet and/or exceed OSHA and ANSI standards. Our team provides design, engineering, fabrication, installation, certification and employee training to meet the needs of your elevated work environments. Although cable lifelines are less expensive and more widely used, they have the disadvantage of requiring a greater fall clearance when compared to a fixed or rigid track system. Accordingly, they are not suitable for all applications.

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