Our Guardrail Systems Installation Includes OSHA-Compliant Passive Fall Protection

Use Guardrails and Roof Hatch Systems Around Rooftop Openings or High-Voltage Equipment

Guardrail Systems Installation Around Rooftop Skylights at Pharmaceutical Manufacturing PlantGuardrail systems installation provided by FallProof extends to rooftop fall protection, skylight railings, guards and screens, and roof-edge guardrails. At, on, in or near a construction site, steel mill, nuclear power plant, water tower, aviation and aircraft manufacturing maintenance facility, factory floor, catwalk, parapet wall, or rooftop where maintenance is often performed on HVAC or other equipment, in every respect, our expert installers comply with OSHA regulations relating to passive fall protection. They include rooftop solutions on an elevated walkway or around a roof hatch opening, as well as safety gates, all of which, collectively, comprise FallProof’s barrier systems division.

FallProof Is Recognized For Both Experience and Expertise

We are widely recognized throughout industry not only for excellence in fall protection design and engineering and custom fabrication, but also for the full turnkey solutions we have installed, all of which are OSHA and ANSI compliant. Installing the various types of guardrail equipment we offer does not require specialized training; however, if you do not have an in-house crew to handle the install, we can send a team of specialists to assist.

When combined into a complete solution, non-penetrating guardrails can be modular, and in any configuration, they reduce hazards and eliminate the risk of fall-related accidents. These passive, or collective, systems, are preferred by OSHA where they can be utilized, because no specialized equipment or worker training is needed. Industries we have served include aviation, construction, energy, manufacturing and distribution, transportation, water and utilities, and more. Call us today for a quote, or send us an email. When calling, it is helpful if we are provided with the number of linear feet for the area requiring protection, and when emailing us, you may upload documents or CAD drawings for our review before responding.

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Installation of Temporary or Permanent Guardrails and Railings
Whether your need is for temporary or portable, modular or custom fabricated fall safety systems on a rooftop, around a skylight, in an industrial setting, or along a walkway or roof edge, we are experienced in installing temporary or permanent guard rails in any configuration.


Rentals of Temporary Guardrails During Construction
When your need is only temporary, such as during construction or when conducting inspections or maintenance on a short-term basis, we offer equipment rentals that will protect your workers and save you money. We carry a large equipment inventory and offer quick shipping nationwide.

Roof Hatches

Roof Hatches With Customizable Railings
OSHA regulations specify that any hole or other opening on a rooftop presents a fall hazard and must be guarded. Our roof hatch systems can be customized to meet any need on any size roof, from safety rails to hatch covers, and are available for a short or long-term rental.

Rooftop Railings and Walkways

Rooftop Railings and Walkways Permanent and Non-Penetrating
Rooftops contain numerous fall hazards. We install permanent, non-penetrating guardrails with roof edge protection that maintain the integrity of your roof, whether flat or sloped, and where needed, we will design and install non-slip walkways that keep personnel above the roof surface.

Safety Gates

Safety Gates Spring-Loaded For Loading Docks
Safety gates are spring-loaded and designed to close automatically. They are attached to guardrails at ladders, roof hatches and other access points to reduce fall hazards. Industrial safety gate installation also provides useful fall protection on a loading dock, or in a manufacturing or distribution facility, on an oil drilling rig or offshore oil and gas platform, in a chemical refinery, steel mill, and energy company or nuclear power plant where dangerous or high-voltage equipment is at ground level.

Safety Railings & Access Platforms

Safety Railings and Access Platforms For Elevated Work Areas
Access platforms and safety railings are used in industrial settings when protection is needed on a balcony, mezzanine, catwalk, gangway, elevated work platform or other work surface, such as for water tower fall safety. Employees will be protected around HVAC equipment, in entertainment venues, such as a sports stadium or arena, on a loading dock, near pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment, on a crane runway or around a conveyor belt, and in food processing plants.

Skylight Railings & Screens

Skylight Railings and Screens
Due to the high number of deaths from workers falling through unprotected skylight openings, this has become an increased area of focus for OSHA. Per regulation OSHA 1910.23(a)(4), a skylight railing installation or screen guard is needed around or over all skylights, and they can be modular or non-penetrating. FallProof has installed this equipment on the rooftops for many Fortune 500 companies.

We have proudly served the following clients for the products mentioned above. We distribute and install for all major manufacturers, and will assemble a system that meets your needs and fits your budget. We also offer a free on-site survey or assessment. You can see more of our clients here.

  • Canon
  • Cobham Defense
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Genzyme
  • Headwaters, Incorporated
  • IMG
  • Lehigh Valley Hospital
  • LifeCell
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Ocean Spray
  • Old Navy

We are authorized distributors and installers for the following manufacturers of guardrail and related solutions:

  • Bilco
  • BlueWater Manufacturing
  • Capital Safety/DBI Sala
  • FabEnCo
  • Guardian Systems
  • Kee Safety
  • Lapeyre Stairs
  • Perimeter Protection Systems