Expert Industrial Fall Protection In The Manufacturing and Distribution Sector

Safety Netting For Conveyor Belt Fall Protection In Industrial Distribution FacilityFallProof provides industrial fall protection for manufacturing plants and distribution centers, including custom design, engineering and installation. From safety netting to guardrail systems on and near loading docks and rooftops, to conveyor belts and heavy factory machinery and equipment, our full-turnkey solutions cover a range of businesses, including bakeries, metal machining and fabrication plants, housing, pharmaceuticals, etc. The following are a few clients we have provided these services for:

FallProof’s Expertise Spans Industry Far and Wide

We are widely recognized as a leader in fall protection, providing any combination of the following services to companies that specialize in manufacturing and/or distribution:


  • Horizontal cable lifelines are used along rooftops and on catwalks, gantries or other interior elevated surfaces inside a factory, plant or distribution center. They allow personnel to walk across these surfaces safely and securely. They are also installed on the runways for gantry cranes to provide protection during entry and exit from the crane cab.
  • Fixed-track lifelines are used in an area with limited fall clearance where workers must climb on top of large objects in order to paint or attach parts. For example, they may be installed in a vehicle manufacturing plant to allow access to safely mount each completed vehicle as it comes off the assembly line.
  • Portable fixed-track lifelines are easily moved around a manufacturing service area and placed over different large objects (e.g., new water tanks in a water tank fabrication plant), to allow workers to safely climb on top of each object to service it.
  • Vertical lifelines are installed to allow personnel to safely climb fixed ladders on the inside or outside of the building.
  • Confined space solutions are used to safely enter a confined space, such as a water tank, to provide cleaning or other service. A fixed davit or portable tripod with a wire rope is mounted next to the confined space entrance. The worker then attaches his or her body harness to the davit or tripod before entering. If extraction becomes necessary, a pulley crank on the davit or tripod can be used to pull the worker out without placing anyone else at risk by having to enter the confined space.

Netting Solutions

Personnel safety and debris netting is installed in a manufacturing or distribution center to protect workers from falling in elevated work areas. A debris netting liner is added to catch dropped tools and other falling objects. Debris netting also is used in special situations. For example, it may be placed around conveyer belts to catch objects that fall off the conveyers and to prevent injuries from “roller blowout.”

Specialty Solutions

Permanent single-point anchors or temporary deadweight anchors are attached to elevated surfaces where a full lifeline system might be difficult to install. A single-point anchor provides a tie-off point, providing the ability to work safely on top of large machinery, above water tanks or chemical vats, etc. We also install temporary and permanent guardrails on elevated work platforms and catwalks.

Inspections and Repairs

We provide full inspection and documentation of existing fall protection systems for OSHA and ANSI compliance and certification. We also provide modifications and repair services.

Below is more detailed information on our projects in the manufacturing and distribution industry.

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Draw upon our past experiences with manufacturing and distribution businesses to help you get the most comprehensive systems and cost-effective solutions that will ensure your workers make it home safe each and every day. Call us today for a free on-site assessment. Our clients in the manufacturing and distribution sector include:


  • CVS/Caremark
  • Grainger Industrial Supply
  • Kohl’s
  • UPS


  • Caterpillar
  • Marlette Homes
  • Skanska
  • Valmont Newmark