Safety Netting Rentals Allow You To Avoid A Capital Investment

Short-Term Personnel and Debris Net Rentals For Bridge and Construction ProjectsSafety netting rentals are ideal for short-term personnel fall protection on projects where bridge or construction debris nets are needed, and FallProof offers attractive rental rates on everything we sell. We understand that certain industries, especially construction, have many projects lasting only a few months, and each individual job requires its own configuration. By renting from us, you get the exact equipment you need for every job, every time — without the need for a capital investment — and if we don’t have it in stock, we will make it or buy it.

Whatever Your Netting Rental Needs, You Will Be In The Hands of Experts

FallProof maintains the East Coast’s largest supply of debris and personnel netting, including all of the hardware, poles, clips, clamps, cables, and brackets necessary to turn a net into a complete rental solution. Because of our large inventory, we are able to ship your system immediately, and we ship nationwide. We have been in this business for 20 years, and have become adept at turning complex problems into workable solutions that are installed in a cost-effective manner.

Every net and other piece of equipment that is returned goes through a rigorous inspection and recertification process before it is returned to stock. We continuously repair and replace inventory to ensure that the system you rent is just as reliable as if it were brand new.

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FallProof provides custom, full-turnkey solutions according to the needs of your project and application. Our engineering and installation services are available regardless of whether you rent or buy. Click on the button above to contact one of our experts today to request a quote or to learn more about these options.