Davit Arms Systems Offer Variable Configurations For Rescue and Retrieval

A Davit Arm System Is Necessary Equipment For Confined Space Entry

Adaptable Temporary Davit Arms That Do Not Require DrillingDavit arms systems are most often used in fall protection for confined space entry and retrieval, as well as rescue. Variable configurations of this unique equipment from many different manufacturers allow for it to be temporary or permanent, manual or motorized, adjustable or fixed, and are available in many different sizes. Once selected and adapted for a specific location, they are an integral part of any plan meeting the requirements of OSHA Regulation 1910.146 – Permit Required Confined Spaces.

Davit Arms Allow For Extraction Without Putting Other Workers At Risk

During confined space entry, davit arms can aid in lowering a worker down a vertical shaft during entry, such as a tank, vessel, silo, storage bin, hopper, vault, or pits. When the worker is connected prior to entry and remains connected for the entire time in the confined space as required by OSHA, any extraction, including a rescue, can be accomplished without putting another worker at risk. As with any potentially dangerous situation, advance planning and coordination is a critical component of worker safety.

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