Horizontal Lifelines Can Be Temporary or Permanent

A Horizontal Lifeline Protects Employees Above Or On Top of An Area or Equipment

Rigid Fixed Horizontal Lifelines For Railcar Loading or UnloadingHorizontal lifelines as personal fall arrest systems, also referred to as HLLs, protect workers on elevated work surfaces, such as rooftops, chemical vats, bridge trusses, pipe racks, crane runways, or steel girders on the upper floors of buildings during construction. In maintenance facilities, they protect workers atop airplane wings, buses and large trucks. HLLs can be temporary or permanent.

A Variety of Factors Should Be Considered For HLL Installation

Factors to be considered in the design and selection of HLLs include the potential for pendulum-like swing falls, the maximum forces that could be generated in the event of a fall, the number of workers that need to be protected, the strength of the building members or other places where the line will be mounted, and the height of the system from the ground or other level, including intermediate obstructions such as equipment of a pipe rack. Additionally, where more than one option is available, the ease with which workers can do their job while being protected and cost considerations become important.

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Horizontal Cable Lifelines

Cable Lifeline For Use During Rooftop Maintenance
Horizontal cable lifelines are an active fall arrest system that can be installed for workers at height across a broad spectrum of industries and applications. FallProof has designed, engineered, and installed them for railcar loading and unloading, steel mill crane runways, aviation hangers, rooftops, etc. Less expensive and quicker than their rigid track counterparts, these systems are generally used for projects with higher fall clearances.

Fixed Track & Rigid Track Lifelines

Horizontal Fixed Track Lifeline For Fall Protection in Bus Maintenance Terminal
Horizontal rigid and fixed track lifelines, like their cable counterparts, also are an active fall protection system. We have assisted distributors, industrial manufacturers, and conglomerates with their installation. Due to their rigid nature and design, they are used in areas where lower fall clearances are needed, allowing them to arrest a person’s fall without sag or cable flex, and where a horizontal cable lifeline would be impractical.

We are authorized distributors and installers for the following manufacturers of horizontal lifeline systems:

  • Capital Safety/DBI Sala
  • Gorbel
  • Kee Safety
  • Miller Honeywell Safety Products
  • Rigid Lifelines
  • XS Platforms

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