Error 404 - That Page Needs Fall Protection!

404 error page not foundOops! You reached a page that could not hang on, just like horizontal lifelines that should have been taken out of service. Don’t worry. We specialize in fall protection. Thank goodness we offer vertical lifelines so this doesn’t happen in the workplace. We are grateful it was only a web page that fell off and not something serious caused by someone not conducting equipment inspections. We lose sleep thinking about it, or that someone might have dozed off during fall protection training (OSHA is pretty sticky about that). Our inventory includes davit arms for a quick and effective rescue, and not everyone is aware that cantilever safety netting would have helped it from dropping off in the first place (the Hudson River gets pretty cold). We are rambling here but these concerns keep us up at night…just thinking about all of the workplaces without adequate fall protection. In the meantime, the following links might help you get back to where you thought you were going:

Oh, and then there is a plethora of information in our blog posts and on our FAQs pages. Don’t be shy. You can always call us by clicking on the blue button below (direct dial calls are good, too), or if you are pressed for time, you can drop us a note, or even ask a question about systems or equipment in your workplace.

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