Hierarchy of Fall Protection

February 4, 2019, 9:19 pm | by Ray Nardo

Fall Protection Guardrail System InstallationUnderstanding the hierarchy of fall protection is important because it allows companies to make the best possible choice in protecting their workers who are working at heights. FallProof Systems can help your company in understating this hierarchy; identify fall risks and hazards and then offer solutions.


1st on the hierarchy of fall protection – FallProof can assess the site, identify potential fall risks and see if they can be eliminated. A couple of solutions are available to eliminate fall hazards depending on the access of the work area and the work that needs be performed. Fall Prevention Systems offers the 1st solution by eliminating the fall hazard.

Fall Prevention Systems

Fall Prevention System Non Penetrating Guardrail

2nd on the hierarchy of fall protection- also known as passive fall protection- are defined as a systems and techniques that eliminate the possibility of the fall. Netting, Guardrails, Warning Lines, Controlled Access Zones are examples of Fall Prevention Systems- prevent a person from falling. FallProof Systems will observe the work area, the work being performed and see if a fall prevention system is a viable option. Then we can help you design and install whatever passive/fall protection systems you need. If some of the solutions mentioned above are not an option because of the work being done, a Fall Restraint System could be a better option.

Fall Restraint Systems

Fall Prevention Travel Restraint Cable Lifeline Systems

3rd on the hierarchy of fall protection- also known as Travel Restraint Systems – are designed and rigged to eliminate the possibility of workers reaching the hazard. Fall Restraint Systems come in a variety of options such as Single point anchors, Cable Lifelines and the equipment used restrains the worker from falling. For example, if the hazard is 7’ away, a Single Point Anchor can be installed and used with a 6’ lanyard which would restrain the worker from the fall risk. Fall Restraint Systems should be designed with Fall Arrest considerations because although the worker is restrained from reaching one hazard there could be potential to reach another hazard.

Fall Arrest Systems

Fall Arrest System Step 4 Fall Protection Hierarchy

4th on the hierarchy of fall protection – assumes the inevitability of a fall and is designed to arrest a fall and to minimize injury. This is probably the option you think of the most when you think of fall protection because it arrests and stops a worker fall. Rigid Track Systems, Horizontal Lifeline Systems, Vertical Lifeline Systems are all options for a Fall Arrest Systems. There are multiple applications for Fall Arrests Systems that protects workers when there is potential for a fall. FallProof can offer a full turn-key solution from the design, to the engineering, and installation of a Fall Arrest System. Also train your workers so they understand how to best use the system and protect themselves from a fall.

When it comes to working at heights there are several ways to address worker safety. For 30 plus years, FallProof Systems has helped companies across many different industries protect and save lives of workers. Fall protection and prevention is a case by case basis depending on a variety of factors including access to work area, the work being performed, and how best to protect your workers. FallProof Systems’ experience can help your company understand the fall risks and hazards on the job site and offer the possible based on the hierarchy of fall protection.

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